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A "cookie" is a small text file a web site can use to recognize repeat users. This site uses cookies to improve your browsing experience.

Need to turn on your cookies?


By using JavaScript, new dynamic elements are available to go beyond the simple click-and-wait applications commonly associated with websites. Using JavaScript, our viewers will not just read pages, but will also interact with them. Pages will be much more interactive and dynamic for our users, even with the slowest internet connection. Users will get quick responses because the interaction does not need to involve the server, but can take place in the user's browser.

How to enable JavaScript.

Adobe Acrobat

Having problems viewing PDF documents?

Install Adobe Acrobat.

Bookmarks and bookmarking pages:

When you find a web site that you think you will want to return to on a regular basis, you may find it helpful to create a "bookmark" in your web browse. Once a bookmark is set, instead of having to type in the entire website address, you can simply click on the bookmark tab you've created. These shortcuts are referred to as bookmarks in Netscape browsers and as favorites in Microsoft Internet Explorer browsers.

Learn how to modify your bookmarks.

Java Virtual Machine

Having problems viewing a Java applet?

Install or update your JVM.

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