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General Terms

Do you have a Web programming project you would like someone else to do? Send me your requirements and I can give you an estimate of the time and costs. My general rate is $65 per hour (two hour minimum) plus any materials, software, and licensing costs associated with the project. I set aside ten hours a week for freelance work, typically in the evenings and on Saturdays.

Web Work

I have been working "on the Web" since 1986 (I began my professional career in 1995). I am currently employed full time as a Web programmer. My proficiencies are PHP, Java, and ColdFusion. I have also worked extensively with database design on MS SQL Server, Oracle, UDB (DB2), MS Access, and MySQL.

Graphical Work

Since my proficiency is in Web development, I have become adept at optimizing graphics for Web sites. I can retouch, resize, and recolor graphics for you. I can also scan photographs, slides, and negatives.

User Interface Development

I am a regular reader and practitioner of good user interface design. If you have a new Web site, program interface, or wireframes, I will be glad to look over them and point out any potential problems I find concerning usability and accessibility. It is generally considered good practice to get opinions from two or three "experts" during the early stages of your design process.

Web Site Testing

I write regression and load/stress tests scripts in JMeter. Especially important to test is web form validation. I test for field type/formatting enforcement, query string injection, boundary values, and conditional outcomes. Other tests include HTML validation, spell check, and link checking.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

While no one can guarantee great search engine rankings, there are many best practices that I am very familiar with. I would be happy to review your web pages and offer suggestions for improving your search engine ranking performance.